Saturday, 25th August 2001 - Day 9

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Hello again, welcome back to my Web site. This is my ninth day and after yesterdays trials with the new ventilator I have been seeing what it does for most of the day. The nurses had to increase my Morphine levels, they have now doubled within the last 24 hours. This is to make sure that I stay still as much as possible, do not pull out my tubes and generally remain a good little girl. Daddy still seems to insist that I get this off Mummy, but I am sure that he would do the same if he had a couple of great tubes down his throat and nearly as many wires as I have fingers elsewhere on my body.

Mummy learned how to "Nest" me today and it is really quite nice and calming for me, she places one hand on my head and the other on my toes with my blanket and gently pushes me into a crunch position with my knees high up under my arm pits, it feels a bit like the womb the Nurse said. I must admit it is very nice especially when Mummy does it. Daddy is not quite so good, and I curl my toes round his finger, but it is still quite nice.

I have now been on the duct drugs for 3 days and I am feeling a little better, I do not know if my heart duct is closing, but I think I feel better about breathing.

Otherwise the day was quite uneventful really so I will leave you with my pictures for today.

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