Saturday, 24th November 2001 - Day 100

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Its my birthday, and I will cry if I want to....... I, much to amazement of the my fans out there, have managed to reach 100 whole days old. The nurses are great in here they blew me up some balloons and a banner saying I was 100 days old. The balloons were pretty pink ones with "It's A Girl" on them. They got me a cake which you can see below. I shared it with all the nurses on duty and will have to get Mummy to buy some other ones for those that were not on duty today. Poor Geraldine, she managed to miss out on such lovely cake despite all the care she has given me.... I will get her some as soon as I can. Geraldine is the nurse who gives me lots of cuddles during the night, when Mummy and Daddy cannot be bothered to visit, we have great fun together, as I wake up during the night as well as the day.

They even created me a birthday card with my foot prints and hand prints inside. Making the card was fun as I got to have ink all over my little hands and feet and then got them tickled as they were pushed onto the card......Hee, hee, heeeeee..... I also got a lovely present of a hat, top, leggings and a rattle. Thank you all so much for them I will wear them when I get a bit bigger and play with my rattle too, they will be very special for me as I get bigger and look back at where I have come from.

Mummy and Daddy visited me at lunch time today and sang me Happy birthday through the porthole of my room. They then got me out and had a long cuddle with me and Mummy tried to do her suffocating act again, but I was ready for her and was also hungry. We had the best feed time so far. I thought I had better show Mummy that I was improving as she may get disheartened and we don't want that especially when it is so much nicer fresh from Daisy the dispenser.

Well today has been very eventful and I will look forward to the next milestone we can all celebrate together.

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