Friday, 23rd November 2001 - Day 99

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Hello again, I have been a good little girl over the past few days and the nurses and doctors have decided that I should once again come off my CPAP unit and try incubator oxygen and low flow when I come out. They must be challenging me again so I will try and do my best for Mummy and Daddy and keep at it a bit longer this time. I hate the plastic tube on my nose so much that I would do anything to not have to use it.

I was weighed again yesterday, the nurse got me out and put in on the scales, I am no so big that I am nearly as big as the scales themselves. I have grown some more, and am now a whole 2580 gms (over 2.5kg or bags of sugar) which means I am 5lbs 11oz, fast on my way to 6 whole pounds. Mummy always said she wanted a 6lb baby as she is only small and thought anything bigger would not come out properly. Well all I can say is that I am close to what you wanted in terms of weight and know that you love me lots so I think we are both happy.

I received an e-mail of my friend Bump today, who has been sending me e-mails from inside the womb, I am not sure how she does this but she can do it more easily now as she has arrived into the outside world, at a healthy 8lbs 10oz, a bit bigger than me but she was probably fed a little better for a while. I will catch you up soon though. She has also been called Abigail, which I think is such a lovely name. Wonder why...... I cannot wait to see her, when I can, as her pictures are great and she looks like fun to play with.

Come back tomorrow and see what happens on my century of days....

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