Thursday, 22nd November 2001 - Day 98

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Guess what, yes you are right it is my birthday again today, I am now a full 14 weeks old today or 98 days. (My maths is right 14 x 7, Daddy helped a little but I told him when he went wrong....) The main part of the day was relatively uneventful, I was allowed for a cuddle with Mummy and slept most of the time. Everything seemed to happen later on, when Daddy came back and I managed to tell him all about the last 3 days since he last saw me.

I was wide awake and breathing oxygen in my room when Daddy asked for a cuddle, I was not so sure at the beginning as I had to have my Low Flow stuff put on, but it is better than CPAP and a gale blowing in your face. I was taken out just before my time for a feed and made my feeling known very clearly to Daddy that I was hungry. It took him and Mummy about 15 minutes to work out the signals I was giving them. Honestly sometimes I think they are stupid..... how much clearer do they want me to be....

Mummy decided that she would try and suffocate me again as I was hungry, but I got my own back by latching on quickly and sucking away as if my life depended upon it. This please Mummy a great deal and she kept telling my what a good little girl I was being, afterwards they topped me up with a bit of tube fed milk and I fell asleep in Daddies arms, which he also seemed to like a lot as he kept kissing my forehead. When the nurses took my away to go back to my room, they exclaimed that I was a podgy little girl. Podgy........!!!!! what on earth do they mean, I have spent all this effort growing and now they say I am fat. I will have to go on a diet as soon as possible, not just yet though as I seem to have a lot of tasty milk to get through from the freezer..... I will wait until I am even bigger still and do not fit in my babygrows.

Hope to see you all tomorrow as I close in on my Century, I wonder if I will get a card from the Queen ????

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