Friday, 21st September 2001 - Day 36

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Well today has been quite eventful for such a little person like me. Mummy and Daddy came to see me early in the day and I had the line in you can see in some of the pictures. This seemed to cause them a little concern, but they were OK when they were told I needed a blood transfusion. I can tell you that I think I needed it, some bits of me seemed to be getting very cold, especially my poor little feet, despite being under 3 blankets in a 30 degree atmosphere. You may be able to tell that I look a little pale, and that is because of the lack of blood, what do they expect they keep stealing out of my foot when I am not looking, I tried my best yesterday to stop the blood coming out when the doctor pricked my heal but to no avail.

They also came back later just as I had managed to get the oxygen mask off my face and desaturate. I had been pushing at it for ages. The nurse decided that she had, had enough and wanted to change my bonnet for a smaller which would hold my mask on better. Daddy got to help her, much to his astonishment and delight as he got a close up view of my bare head and also to made sure that I was not disturbed too much. Then Daddy got to feed me after Mummy had changed my nappy.

You should have seen Mummy's face, when despite her best efforts to get the new nappy under me quickly, I held on and on as she was cleaning me up and just as I felt the old one slide out I relaxed and managed to wee on my baby grow and sheet. I have been waiting for that opportunity for days. Hee, hee, hee....Clever little me. This meant that they had to change my baby grow and sheet and meant more handling from Mummy. Why else did you think I did it, fun I am no that naughty you know.....

The nurses then suggested to Mummy that I could be got out and cuddled for a while which not only pleased her (see my Special Guests Page for more details) but I was over the moon. This was what all the effort I have been putting in has been for... A CUDDLE with my MUMMY. This was great, although I thought she might drop me at first I should have known better really. I soon settled in for a nice little cuddle that I have been waiting so long for and hopefully this will be the first of many more. I can't wait for Daddy's turn now.

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