Sunday, 21st October 2001 - Day 66

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Welcome back again everybody. My oxygen levels are the same as the last few days at between 35% and 50%, I sleep nearly all the time, even when Daddy had me out for a cuddle this afternoon. This was fun, as Nanny and Grandad were able to see me close up, for the first time since I really started growing properly. They both thought I had changed lots and that my game with Daddy from yesterday was really funny. I will try to play it again soon, but with Mummy this time. If you do it with a nurse they are very boring and just leave me to it for a few minutes and come back later when I have nothing left.

I was weighed again this morning and I have lost weight, thank goodness. So I am no longer the bloater Mummy was worried about, I am now 3lbs 1oz or 1400 gms. This is much more realistic as it is nicely on the trend line on my weight increase. The one from 2 days ago was far too much. So much so that my booties were restricting the blood flow to my feet and my oxygen sensor was also squeezing my foot, however they are much better now and I do not have booties on so there cannot be any restrictions. I will be slowly weaned off the weeing juice, as they are not going to increase my dosage as I grow, thus reducing the effect more gradually than stopping them altogether.

I am glad Nanny and Grandad came to see me as they have not been able to visit very much, but at least I do change quite a bit each time and they can see some progress. Thank you for coming I will see you both again soon, maybe without my mask on. Otherwise I have had a very quiet day and have been training a new nurse called Grace who I have only just met, she is coming along nicely and will soon be up to my exacting standards of care. I expect that they will be bring me back when I am bigger just to help out with training. I have been here that long that I am nearly part of the furniture. However there is a chance that I will get to leave intensive care before some of the other residents that are currently in the my group, depends how I do and how much I cross my fingers.

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