Wednesday, 21st November 2001 - Day 97

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Happy BIRTH day to me, Happy BIRTH day to me.......

Well today is a very important day, or so Mummy tells me. Today was the day I was due to be born, not many babies get to know so much about what goes on when they are born. In some ways I am very lucky, I suppose...... I am now over the 5lb 5oz mark and am still getting bigger. The doctors say that I will need a while to catch up with a normal baby, but I should get there in the end. Or maybe I will just be Little like my Mummy.

My babygrow which I have on the pictures is especially difficult to get on as it does not have poppers down the front and the nurse had to pull it down over my head, my feet get a little chilly wearing it though as I am not used to having them out in the air, outside the babygrow. It is quite cute though, don't you agree it has little pink flowers on the front ?

When Mummy had left and the nurses were bored in the night they decided to give me a bath on my BIRTH day, it is only the second one I have had and I am now nearly 14 weeks old. The bath took 2 nurses to give me, one to hold me and the other to wash me. I wonder how Mummy will cope when she has to do it on her own.....? With all the attention and the nice warm soapy water it was great fun, a little late at night but otherwise really good. It also meant that I got to have new sheets and a new babygrow so that everything was nice and clean. Otherwise apart from the celebration of BIRTH day it was a really uneventful day so I will leave you with my pictures. I hope Daddy is back tomorrow as I am struggling to remember what happened yesterday to tell him.

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