Friday, 21st December 2001 - Day 127

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Hello again everybody, today has been really uneventful. I slept very well over night once I had taken a nice full feed and am now getting into a good routine with the headbox they place over the top of me. I do need to be asleep though as otherwise I complain a lot. What do you expect, you would do the same if somebody came up to you at bedtime and placed a small goldfish bowl over the top of your head.

Mummy and Daddy came in at lunch time and I had a really good feed from Mummy and fell asleep. This turned out to a little premature as I also needed some more soon after Mummy and Daddy had gone off to buy me some Christmas presents. Lots of toys I hope Mum !!!!! They came back later to feed me again and I drank some from Mummy and then Daddy got to feed me again from a bottle. See the pictures below, I drank a load more milk from the bottle and then Geraldine spoilt the last bit as she put my medicines in it. Sodium chloride and weeing juice.

Mummy and Daddy told me they will not be in until very late tomorrow evening, as they have to go to wedding of my "Auntie Anna" to a man called "Kevin" who is soon to have a nice new niece.... Me. They are not really my Auntie and Uncle  as she is Daddy's cousin, but that is the best I could get I am afraid. Unfortunately I would ask somebody else to visit but they cannot as Mummy and Daddy are not going to be there. I will have to play with Winnie and Piglet to occupy myself until they come back. So I hope they have a good time and it is worth leaving me for so long. One day I might get to go as well, just like a normal family.

More news tomorrow, Abigail.

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