Tuesday, 21st August 2001 - Day 5

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I have managed to reach 5 whole days old today and it has been quite an eventful day in my little room in the hospital. I had a comfortable night with very little going on and the doctors plan to get me off of the last drug that is keeping my blood pressure up. It comes down to me then to try and manage it myself, no problem for such a great little girl like me. The last time I had some of the drug was around midday and I have managed to keep the blood pressure up OK so far. Lets keep those nice long toes and fingers crossed that I can keep it going. I had all my sensors replaced this morning as I seemed to make all the alarms go off at once. The TV said my heart was beating at 300+ beats per minute and I was not breathing! They replaced them all and everything was fine again. These are very sticky and hurt my skin when pulled off.

This afternoon I opened one of my little eyes and saw Mummy for the first time. Very scary as she had her face pressed up against the side of my room at the time. She looks nice though as I have not seen her before, from the outside anyway. I showed Mummy and Daddy my hiccuping ability as well today as they have not seen my tummy jump up and down before. I have managed to pull out my stomach line again today, that will teach them to go away and ignore me. They did help however when I had a blocked throat and my Oxygen levels dropped. They sucked out all the mucous and I was fine again. It gave Mummy and Daddy a bit of a shock though as they had not seen or heard this happen before.

Professor Whitelaw said I was doing well again today so I must really try and keep up to his expectations. He seems nice and explains loads about what is happening to me to Mummy and Daddy, which pleases them. I have still not seen any sign of the milk I saw Mummy give the nurse yet, maybe when they take out the pipes into my belly button I will be able to have some.

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