Thursday, 20th September 2001 - Day 35

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I am 5 weeks old today and as a special occasion the nurses put me into a "My First Baby Grow", and look I am still too small for it. I keep getting my poor little hands stuck half way down the arms and then cannot get them back out again, very frustrating when you need to suck something like your thumb, and I get bits of fluff in my mouth.

I am now on my 8th day of xeroids and am near the end, as you can see they have had quite an effect on me and I seem to have improved a lot in such a short space of time. I do not have a weight update today as they only do it every other day or when the nurses are bored in the night. Mummy and Grandma and Grandpa came to visit again and Mummy took all the pictures below. She was especially pleased that I had on a Baby grow as it makes her feel that I am more of a proper baby, I must admit though it makes me quite hot at times, especially after all these weeks with no clothes on at all. The middle picture looks like I should join the navy as I would be quite good at semaphore, with all those flags to wave. Mummy got another Polaroid picture of me from the staff today and says I have changed quite a lot, so I suggest that you all have another look at Day 1 again just to remind yourselves of what I used to look like, still as cute as ever but quite a different colour really.

The really nice nurse, Chrissie, came to see me again today and I got my first go on this plastic thing which you suck, it is quite nice really but you don't seem to get a lot out of it which is not quite what I was expecting when it first arrived. Mummy says it is called a dummy. It must be really small to fit in my delicate, lady like mouth. There seems to be only one downside however in that if it is in how do I stick my tongue out at Dad. I know he likes to see this a lot because he is always saying something about it, which I can't make out. Hummmm, maybe he is telling me to put it away.... Chrissie also brought me in a new outfit, trouser suit time instead of a dress, so when my Baby grow gets dirty I can wear that, I hope Mummy is thanking her for me as I really appreciate it.

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