Saturday, 20th October 2001 - Day 65

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Hello again everybody, well after yesterdays little escapades I look a little more normal again. Still quite big, but now where near as podgy due to water retention. They have put me back on the diuretics again so that I wee a lot and don't retain so much fluid. I must say I feel a little better, yesterday felt like somebody had inflated a balloon under my skin, an Abigail shaped one at that. But today is much better. I had to wait a long while for Mummy and Daddy to visit, I thought they might have forgotten about me. When they arrived Mummy explained that she was looking for curtains for my room, and that was why she was late. I will therefore forgive them as I know I would like some nice curtains and stuff all over the walls to look at. I wonder what it will be like and if it will have a glass box in like mine here !!!!! These glass boxes are very comfortable you know, just the right temperature and other on site amenities like adjustable bed angle, ideal for sitting up in bed and watching television.

I was allowed out for a very long cuddle, and Mummy and Daddy could get a good look at my new breathing apparatus. It looks a bit like a gas mask and fits over my little nose. It is more comfortable than the prong thing but it does not seal very well so I tend to send my stats up and down a bit more. I stayed out for 2 back to back cuddles, one with Daddy and another with Mummy what fun. It lasted around 2 hrs, I must be getting better as they never used to allow me out for so long. Otherwise all I have been doing is sleeping again and trying to grow more and make up for yesterdays dodgy reading.

As you can see from the pictures and if you compare them back to the beginning, I am growing and am now getting a lot bigger. I have also created an extra page for today which covers a little game I had with Daddy after my cuddles.

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