Thursday, 20th December 2001 - Day 126

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Sorry everybody, Daddy has been useless today and not taken any pictures. So please e-mail him and tell him off for me (Daddy's E-Mail Address). Well today was another of those days when I thought I had been forgotten about again. I waited and waited for Mummy to come in, but no sign of her or Daddy. This went on and on until about mid afternoon Daddy comes in alone. Unfortunately I had fallen back asleep by that point and all he could do was sit and look at me. Mummy was out on another Christmas Party.... I ask you what, ABOUT ME...... I had to put up with no visitors or anything.

Mummy did arrive later and tried to feed me, so I played hard to get and would not feed properly. I hope she got the message. Eventually after trying a bottle, they accused me of being lazy and fed me through my tube into my mouth.

I am having another Trace done today on my oxygen requirements. I must say that the past couple of days I have not been hearing my monitor go off so much, so I hope that it means that things are getting a little better and they can slow down this gale up my nose. I will update you all tomorrow on any results. I will keep my fingers crossed that we have a good night.

Sorry about the poor nature of today's page, hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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