Monday, 20th August 2001 - Day 4

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Hello again, well I have made it to a whole 4 days now and am still in a stable condition according to the doctors. My nurses all seem to like me and also the pictures that Mummy and Daddy have taken of me. So much so that one of the consultants has used one of my pictures as an example for other trainee doctors. He even asked Daddy if he was a professional photographer! He should know better that the trick is all in the posing. A good pose can make a photo look so much better. I am getting good at the poses for Daddy however, he sometimes cannot keep up with all of them and I have to stop moving around so much. He says I get this trait off Mummy as she is always doing something even when, like me, she is not supposed to. I winked at Daddy today, but he missed taking a picture, so he will have to wait for another chance. Mummy say's I have got long eyelashes so these must come from Daddy, personally I think all these traits are mine alone and nothing to do with Daddy or Mummy really.

I am still dosed up with Morphine to calm down my movements, even so I thought I would see if the Doctors and Nurses were paying attention last night. So I pulled my ventilation tube right out, but they soon came along and put it back. I also managed to pull out my feed tube as well, they took longer to put it back. I will make sure that they do not forget me and keep doing this to keep them on their toes.

The nice Doctor came along today and used a scan machine to look at my brain and heart. She says there may be a small blood clot on the brain, but this is nothing to worry about as it does not seem to be growing. My heart still has it's by-pass hole in it and until it is gone I will probably not come off the ventilator. I have been breathing nearly standard air levels of oxygen today and have also been trying to breath on my own. I obviously still have a long way to go but hopefully things seem to be going OK at the moment.

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