Friday, 19th October 2001 - Day 64

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Big news today, very big news.... See the weight graph for comparison details but I have been weighed again today and Daddy nearly fainted when he heard how much I had managed to put on. I weigh today 1547 gms or 3lbs 7 ozs, an increase of 12 ozs over 3 days ago. What a cleaver little thing I must be. Daddy says grow and I do.... Just for you Daddy.

However when Mummy came in she seemed very shocked and a little worried, she said that I looked all puffy and a bit like Michelin Girl, whatever that might be. The doctors came and checked me over and decided that my growth rate was a little too large and it was probably due to the fact that they had stopped my weeing juice (Diuretics for you technical people out there) and that I was retaining too much fluid. I must admit I felt very tired today and think that it is probably related to having expended so much effort growing and also not going to the loo enough. So they have started me on the weeing juice again and hopefully this will stop my skin and face feeling like somebody has shoved a balloon under the skin.

Mummy did not get me out for a cuddle because she felt that I was not well enough, which was a shame but I must admit I was a little uncomfortable. She kept saying that I looked like a little bauble you put on a Christmas tree, I hope this does not mean that I am just round all over.... I think you can see in some of the pictures that I am a lot bigger than I was, hopefully we will not drop too much as it takes it out of you all this growing.

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