Wednesday, 19th December 2001 - Day 125

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Hello everybody, did you know that I am now in my 44th week of life, that is nearly a whole year since I began from a single cell. Look at me now I can do all sorts of stuff, cry, sleep, eat, play, see stuff (Mainly Winnie the Pooh as he seems to be about 4" from my head for most of the day. He looks so big from where I see him, sometimes he blocks out the sun through the window.

I have been weighed again today and much to Mummy and Daddy's relief and my own I have managed to put on a bit more weight. I am now 3360 gms or 7lbs 4oz. Everybody says am I such a massive girl now. I have also been measured and am 48cm long, compared to an average 4 week old of 53.5cm, therefore they must be comparing me to when I was born not an average new born, in terms of weight an average baby is 4200 gms. So I am still tiny !!!! I am now being measured as this is a good sign of progression and is needed to allow my little lungs to have more room to expand, especially when I am full. So I will keep you up to date as we get more measurements in.

After yesterdays excitement of lots of visitors nothing much has happened to me again today. I wish sometimes that my visitors could be a bit more organised and spread themselves out a bit as I love seeing them all, but I like the attention of different days. The results of my ECG have come back and everything is OK so that is good, Mummy can worry about something less today.

In the evening I was fed from Mummy and afterwards just would not settle back down as I was not tired. The nurse, Geraldine (I like Geraldine, she gives me cuddles at night), suggested that I may still be hungry as the 101ml of milk I am now on is a lot to suck out of Mummy. This then allowed Daddy to feed me for the first time from a bottle. He seemed to like this a lot and I liked him holding me so we will have to try and do it again. It is not the same as direct from Mummy but still quite good. I fell asleep in his arms today having had my fill from the bottle.

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