Sunday, 19th August 2001 - Day 3

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Well I am now 72 hours old, how ancient is that. Can I draw a pension yet ?

The sun seems to have gone in and my tanning sessions seem to have ended for now, as have my other blood pressure drug. Hopefully these are both good signs of progress and I will not need them again. My fluid levels also seem to have been stabilised over the past 24 hours and everbody seems pleased with that. I am back down to a low level of oxygen again today from my ventilator. It was raised yesterday to keep my blood oxygen levels at the right amount. The little red light on my foot was moved to my hand today to stop burning my foot. I hope they don't leave it there too long as I don't want a burnt hand either. You should try holding your hand over a light bulb hour after hour and see how long you last. I have to do it all day everyday, but they tell me I should put up with it as it allows them to measure more stuff on my body.

Mummy and Daddy are still visiting me lots and are now providing, what seems to be a limitless supply of white creamy food in small bottles. Nobody has given me any yet but I am sure it will be nice when I get some. The nurses are freezing it and will thaw it out when I ask for it later. I have to wait for it at the moment as my guts are not developed enough to handle it yet. I wish Mummy and Daddy could hold me, especially Mummy as I miss her heart beating, the warmth of her body and her soothing voice. I even miss Daddy talking to me and rubbing me while I was in Mummy's tummy, which was fun at the time as I used to kick just after he had looked away and then would wait until he had looked away again before doing another kick. What great fun!

Everybody says I am stable at the moment and making as good progress as could be hoped, so that is OK. I will keep you all informed of further progress as it happens.

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