Wednesday, 17th October 2001 - Day 62

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Welcome back again. I have been very tired today, after all the excitement of yesterday, it being my 2 month birthday. My Mummy came in for a long visit again today and I managed to get my cuddle with her. However it was not very relaxing for her as I kept desaturating. I did not think I was desating so I tried to keep still and breath as well as possible. I think the machine is lying and my monitor has broken. I was a very lucky girl later in that I managed to also have a cuddle with Daddy, 2 in one day that must be a record. I did the same thing for Daddy, despite my best efforts to keep stable so I am now sure something is wrong with the monitor as the nurse, Jill, said I was still a lovely colour and did not warrant such a bad reading.

Daddy was very cruel today, he said that the nurses had swapped me in the night with another baby. He said there was no way that this could be Abigail as she is too big. What does he think I do all day, lie around sleeping ? !!!   I am GROWING Daddy just for you, and Mummy of course. I wondered if he recognised me, but luckily Mummy told me he was only joking and that I was a very good girl and growing well. When he helped change my nappy later he said I had Russian shot putters legs. How cruel can you be? I am only little and all babies have chunky little legs, but I know when he is only joking now and allowed him to give me a cuddle to make up for it.

If you have not seen me for a while then you will all be in for a shock when you do see me as I am nearly getting to fit my babygrows properly, and Mummy is already thinking of having to go and get more to put me in.

Otherwise today has been relatively uneventful so I will leave you with my pictures and notice that I am just about to pull off my breathing tube to keep those lovely kind nurses on their toes.

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