Saturday, 17th November 2001 - Day 93

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Welcome back again, I am afraid I do not have very good news for all of you out there following the "Trials and Tribulations of Abigail", a novel in 93 volumes so far and many more on their way........

I stayed over in my new room all night on my new low flow oxygen system. However I think there must have been something wrong with the gas they were putting in the tube, as by the morning I was worn out and struggling to breath properly without the pressure of the CPAP unit to help me every so often. The nurse phoned Mummy and Daddy up to tell them that I had been readmitted to the Intensive Care side and was back on my CPAP. It was a great relief to me as I was really struggling to breath properly, but so disappointing as well as everytime they have asked me to do something new to date I have been so good at it. My confidence of Thursday and Friday that I would be alright was unfortunately not to be and today I have spent the whole day nearly asleep, on CPAP, recovering from my strenuous activities overnight. I felt like I had run a marathon and kept on running after the end........

Mummy and Daddy were really worried about me and left me asleep for most of the day. The doctors decided that they need to do some blood tests and take some cultures to make sure that I did not have anything else that may be wrong. This I was not too keen on as it meant that they had to jab me in the foot and also put a tube thing on my arm just in case they needed to give me antibiotics. I told the doctor and nurse so as well by screaming at the top of my little voice, but they did not take any notice. Luckily Mummy and Daddy arrived at the end to help calm me back down. You can see the surfboard thing on my arm in the pictures below, I have not had one of these for ages.

So today has been a bit of a backward step really, but it shows that I need to gradually change over from CPAP to Low Flow and need to be a bit bigger before it happens. Hopefully over the next few weeks we will make more progress and get back to the low flow as it is so much nicer than CPAP and I hope you all know by now how much I hate those prongs up my nose. More news tomorrow, see you then.....

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