Sunday, 16th September 2001 - Day 31

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It is my birthday again today, 1 whole month old and Mummy came in and said happy birthday to me. Such a lot has happened to me over the last month, yet here I still am in my little room no sign of going anywhere.

The doctors said they might try and take me of the ventilator today and put me on the new thing as my pressures have dropped again to a mean of 6 kPa. I am still not sure about this and have made sure that every so often I desaturate a little and then come back up again to make them think I am not ready as they do not seem to want to try when I am not stable. I know what I am doing, how stupid do they think I am ? I am quite used to the ventilator now and it will be like losing an old friend when it goes.

Nan came to visit me again and said that I had changed quite a bit since she last saw me. Well what do you expect I have been through another 2 whole weeks since then. it is a long time in the life of Abigail. She and Daddy have been talking about another lady coming to visit me during the week, she is Daddy's, Daddy's, Mummy or my Great Grandma and her eyesite is about as good as mine, so I hope she can see such a little thing as me. It will be nice to see her though as she is probably one of the last of my relations to visit, surely I cannot have too many more as hundreds of people seem to visit, I can't keep up with who is who and only family have so far have been able to see me.

Mummy got to change my nappy again today, so I squeezed out a little extra just for her. This caused great concern as she lifted my legs up so far that I could not breath properly and the machines all started to beep. However I soon recovered when my legs were put down again, and Mummy then completed the change without further hitch without lift me so far. I then got Daddy to feed me my milk, very tasty I must say. I have settled back down to sleep now to try and gain weight as quickly as possible as eevrybody around me now is so big and I am still tiny despite us being all the same age of around 30 weeks. I hope this does not continue as I am now the eldest in the room and still the smallest, maybe I will be like Mummy, tiny or maybe I am a slow starter.

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