Tuesday, 16th October 2001 - Day 61

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Happy birthday's to me, Happy birthday's to me... Happy birthday's dear Abigail... Happy birthday's to me.

Guess what it is my birthday again, 2 whole months old today. It seems like an eternity since I was whisked out of Mummy's tummy way back in August. A lot has happened and despite the odds I am still here, plaguing the nurses, causing my Mummy and Daddy worry and best of all growing and getting lots of love and affection. Thank you, everybody who has prayed for me, said a quite word or just thought of me for a second. I can nearly feel all of the love you are all giving out here in my incubator. Mummy and Daddy are really very appreciative of everybody's thoughts and deeds, they keep telling me that I must be one of the most thought about babies in the world. I am trying to grow and keep up with all of your expectations, and seem to be doing OK at the moment. Daddy has worked out that if I carry on growing at the same rate then I will be around 5 pounds at 40 weeks. That is an increase of around 400% on my birth weight so is really an enormous step. See my weight graph for details, but I am now a whole 2lbs 11ozs. This growmore stuff they mix with my milk must be working.

Grandma and Grandpa visited me again today and brought a number of little sleeping bag things for me to snuggle up inside. Thank you for all the effort I am sure they will be well used. Today I have been sleeping and seeing Mummy when I open my eyes. Daddy must have gone away to work as he does not come and visit until late on, but at least I do get a cuddle with him, which I find very relaxing. Hopefully Mummy will be better tomorrow and can get me out for a cuddle with her as I miss our chats. I have had my canula drip removed as my anitbiotics have finished. They did not mange to grow anything from the problem under my arm so I must still have not managed to get an infection yet to set me back. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this continues.

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