Friday, 16th November 2001 - Day 92

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Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear Abigail, Happy Birthday to me...... Guess what 3 whole months old today, another milestone. I am now in my 40th week and I should have been arriving on the 21st November, or so Mummy says. I think she is kidding me, miss out on all this fun in my little room here and look at all the attention I get out here rather than inside Mummy. However it is a lot harder work than I expected so I would advise any other young baby to choose this route as it can be a lot of effort, much more than staying put. I was weighed again today and am now a whole 5lbs 2oz or 2318 gms for those metrically inclined like me. I am still growing at a rate of knots.

Today has been very eventful really, I have been on the low flow ever since yesterday and seem to be doing OK at the moment. This morning I was in my little room, next to the window in Intensive Care. And then I was taken off for another one of those nice cuddles in the other room with Mummy. It was not very well timed as I was just going into one of my sleeping periods and all I did when Mummy tried to feed me was sleep. Then I was taken back to my room and I was very surprised to find myself not in the normal place next to the window, what is going on ??????

I then found out that while we were out having a cuddle they had moved my little room across the unit to the next phase where less severe cases are looked after. Mummy was overjoyed at this as it meant that I was making even better progress than she had thought possible. The rooms on the other side are so much quieter I could not get to sleep and had to make sure that the nurses were paying attention by making my little portable alarm unit go off every so often. The nurse would come along and adjust the oxygen flow on my little tube and then I would be OK for a bit.

I must be getting a big girl now for them to have moved me across here, what more of a birthday present could a little one like me want for....

Today's pictures have one of a proud Daddy cuddling me in my new room..... How nice, he is still lovely and warm to lie on, and I feel so safe when he cuddles me. Mainly because his hands are nearly as big as my whole body and he has 2 of them to hold me tight.

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