Monday, 15th October 2001 - Day 60

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Happy birthday's to me, Happy birthday's to me... Happy birthday's dear Abigail... Happy birthday's to me.

Welcome back everyone. Well I have manged to reach 60 days old today, according to my counting anyway. Before you think I have gone mad and you can only have one birthday at a time I will be 2 months old tomorrow so I can have multiple celebrations back to back. Mummy wished me happy birthday today and spent a long time with me. Daddy must be back at work again as he only came in for a short time at lunch time and then went off again. Poor Daddy, I don't think I will like this work thing when I get to be as ancient as Daddy, maybe I can get out of it somehow....I will get some of those nice new brain cells at the back thinking about that for later use, as I don't think they are doing anything useful at the moment. If anybody knows better please e-mail me, as I am no doctor.

Anyway the only real news of today was that I could not get a cuddle with Mummy as she has now come down with Daddy's cold, he could have been more thoughtful of my cuddling time and made sure he did not give it to Mummy. Well touch plastic, there is no wood in here as you might have guessed, I have not got it yet so lets just keep hoping. I have spent nearly all of the day asleep and then eating and then pooing and then sleeping etc. It is a never ending cycle. I was quite sick again on my 6:30 pm feed and Daddy had a word with the nice nurse Chrissie who says she will talk to the doctors for me about the amount of salty stuff I have to drink all at once... Yuck, it really is no wonder that I am ill as she says it is like extra strong salt water.

When will I get to play with all those toys at the end of my bed ? It is so frustrating that I can just see them, but can I touch them not a chance.... I tried to kick one the other day but even my legs are still not quite there yet. When I wriggle around and am getting close, one of the nurses comes along and moves me back up the bed or even worse moves the toy to the other end of the cot. I had one of my regular blood tests this morning, and I thnk that the nurse doing it must have been wanting to practice her blood stemming technique and she managed to get it all over my babygrow, the sheet, everywhere.. I think that it is a bit much practicing on me as I do not have that much extra to go around you know, however everything still looks OK according to the results.

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