Tuesday, 15th January 2002 - Day 152

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Me again, very short today and no pictures at all I am afraid. Mummy got one of the nurses to take pictures of me being bathed but I moved around so much that they are all blurred and not worth putting here for people to see. I look a bit like Superbaby whizzing around my bath at top speed. Better luck tomorrow with the pictures. The first of me in my cot for a while....

My trace was very good last night, I averaged 98% saturation and my lowest was 94% over a whole 12 hours recording. Good is anything above 95% I think so clever little me managed to concentrate sufficiently to keep it up. Maybe I can relax a little now. I had visitors of Grandma and Grandpa so that was nice, unfortunately for them I went to sleep just before they came and so they did not see me fully awake for the only the second time since I was born.

I also had a visit from the Doctor who seems to be talking about my next batch of immunisations..... Poor me, yet more needles.... Hopefully more news tomorrow...on my birthday. 5 whole months old.... Positively geriatric, definitely geriatric compared to everybody else on the unit...

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