Saturday, 15th December 2001 - Day 121

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Hello again everybody, I am afraid today is going to be quite short from me, hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better in terms of content. The reason it is short is that my scribe is going out today for a Christmas meal and Mummy is going too. I ask you she only went on one yesterday and another one today. WHAT about ME....... When do I get to go on one.... It also means that I will not get any visitors this evening and will be left here with the nurses. Which is good, but they just are not Mummy and Daddy. I say again WHAT about ME..... you two cannot be going out enjoying yourselves whilst I lie here pining for you both. POOR ABIGAIL, Mummy and Daddy better make it up to me otherwise I will not be very happy. I need lots and lots of Christmas presents...!!!!!

Anyway today had been OK, I got a great feed from Mummy at lunch time and then would not settle back down and by 3 o'clock I was even getting a nice top up from Mummy again, just to make sure that my feed times are all over the place again, just after Mummy had organised them so nicely to. Between the feeds I was settled and then not settled again, I just could not get comfortable and despite my best efforts nobody thought to try and give me some more feed, and that is all I wanted. After my second feed I settled back down and went to sleep until my next feed. I do like cuddles though they make me feel nice and warm and Mummy and Daddy gave me loads to try and get me settled... What fun, I think I know just how to cry now to make sure somebody picks me up. It is really cold in the hospital at the moment and Mummy keeps putting these glove things on my hands to keep them warm, this lasts about 30 minutes and I have then shaken them off. Hopefully the hospital will turn up the heat as even the nurse have cold hands, and I can tell you it is no fun having you nappy changed by a pair of ice blocks, it makes my legs go all stiff and closed up.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more news and Mummy and Daddy can visit more, see you then.

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