Wednesday, 15th August 2001 - Day -1

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The following are Mummy's notes on the 2 days leading up to my birth, when she had been in hospital for nearly a week. I thought these might be interesting for other Mummy's and Daddy's out there going through similar events.... No pictures I am afraid as I was not visible at this point.

Having been in hospital since last Thursday, having daily bloods taken to monitor the damage to my liver and the blood clotting mechanism of my body, I was discharged.yesterday. The doctors know I have Hemolysis Elevated Liver Enzymes Low Platelets (HELLP) Syndrome and it’s only a matter of time. I’m on day 7 out of 10 – the average a woman goes in my condition before they have to deliver.

For once it’s nice not to have to have bloods taken.

Dawn, from work comes over for a spot of lunch. In the afternoon Mum and Dad come over. It’s the first time I’ve seen them since I’ve been ill. Tim is working in the dining room and I sit in the garden with Mum and Dad. It’s a lovely day but I’ve got darned backache again and I’ve got what feels like a stitch in my side. Tim’s like a cat on hot bricks; If I make a funny sound he’s on to me ‘what is it, what’s wrong’ so I think I’ll keep this to myself until I’m sure it’s something to worry about. After all I’ll only have to go back to the hospital. As the afternoon progresses the pain gets worse, Tim catches on and in the end phones the hospital phone number for me so I’ve no excuse. The midwife wants to consult with the doctor as to what to do and will phone me back within the hour. The pain is getting worse, I now can’t stand up. Mum makes me phone the hospital back as it’s been two hours since my initial phone call. As I guessed they want me to go straight back. I’m really unhappy as this means there’s something wrong and I’m close to having this baby and I’m not ready, I’m just not ready yet. Back at the hospital I have to go to the assessment unit, as I’ve been discharged and it’s just not as simple as hopping back in your old bed. I have to wait for a doctor to see me who has no history of my condition other than my notes. Feeling sick. Being sick. Finally admitted to Quantock Ward again. Same bed that I was in yesterday before being discharged. Bloods taken but they come back some time later saying they hadn’t taken enough so I have to go through the horrible stabbing process again. Given tablets to stop the sickness.

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