Sunday, 14th October 2001 - Day 59

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I am nearly 60 whole days old and Daddy came in today looking much better so I managed to get that cuddle I have nearly been waiting a week for, infact I got two cuddles. One in the early afternoon and another in the evening, what fun. I was a good girl both times and managed to not desaturate very much at all which obviously made Daddy quite happy.

In the afternoon I got another couple of visitors, people called Lorna and Nick who brought me a Pooh Bear to match some of my blankets. Thank you for Pooh he can sit with Gavin, my pink bear, Eunice, my nurse bear, Penny the Pink Hippo and Russ, my long haired bear. What a collection they all make, my toys weigh more than me !!!! Lorna and Nick thought that I was a cute little girl and was making good progress from my earlier pictures.

I was not very happy my feeds today as this afternoon my 2:30 pm feed did not agree with me at all. I am sure it is all the salt they stick in it, to keep my electrolyte levels up. Tastes yucky to me and it does not agree with my delicate little tummy. I have asked Daddy to see if he can sort it out so I do not have to have so much in one feed at once as currently I get about 2ml of salty stuff in my 19ml of milk and it does not mix very well so I get it all in one go at the end. I am sure if they spread it out a bit I would not be so sicky afterwards.

Any way I will leave you with my pictures for the day and see you tomorrow on my 60th day.

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