Wednesday, 14th November 2001 - Day 90

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Welcome back again, well I am sorry to say that today has been another similar day for me yet again.

Mummy came into feed me at lunch time and fed me through my tube, the milk slipped down so quickly it was a real shock for her as normally it takes ages. It was a bit of a shock for me as I am now on 37ml every 2 hours and it filled my little tummy up so fast that I felt completely bloated. Mummy commented to the nurse how quickly it had gone down an then the nurse realised that she had not put one of the additives into my milk. Something that is called Gaviscon..., I do not know what it does except that it turns Mummy's milk into a porridge like substance, which could be used stick things to the sides of my room if I needed to. At my next feed Mummy tried to suffocate me again and I promptly fell asleep and could not be woken up, all the breathing of my CPAP unit must have taken it out of me. Oh well, we shall try again tomorrow !!! The rest of the rooms around me for my neighbours have been very busy all day with alarms, people milling around and generally lots of noise so I have not slept very well overall. I hope it quietens down tomorrow as I cannot put up with much more of this racket !!!!

Before Daddy came to see me later the nurses had tried to put me back on CPAP again at about 6pm. I slept for a short period and then I woke up to find this horrible plastic thing up my nose again. I really thought I had got rid of it and had been dreaming nicely about free and easy breathing with no noisy thing up my nose. This got me very upset and I started to cry and scream at the nurses to take it off again. I pulled at it a lot and managed to remove it at least 3 times before they decided to take pity on me when Mummy and Daddy arrived for feeding, and they removed the CPAP and put me back on breathing oxygen much to my relief. As soon as they took it off I stopped crying and screaming and became wide awake for Daddy to feed me and play with my hand. This was really fun and I enjoy squeezing his finger as it fits nicely in my little hand.

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