Monday, 14th January 2002 - Day 151

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Hello, me again I am afraid. I have lots to tell you today, as so much as happened. The BIGGEST is that I am out of my little room and back in my old cot. Hooray.... Lucky me they kept me cot just to one side for me. It has nothing to do with the fact that it is probably the only one that I would fit in now as the standard econony margarine tubes everybody else has are tiny. Not nearly big enough for a lump like me. I have also been weighed again today and am still growing, only a little this week but getting there. I am now a 3990 gms or 8lbs 13oz. I was so sweaty after my little room and its in built sauna that Mummy wanted to give me a bath. However I told her better to wait until tomorrow when I had adjusted to room temperature from my tropical greenhouse.

Mummy stayed ages today as it was my first time out in my cot since Christmas day and she fed me twice in a row. Yummy. Now where did I put those toys that I last saw on Christmas day, I am sure I had them in the cot somewhere. Mummy better have them or I shall want to know why....

Mummy also a had a long chat with one of the nurses that will come and help look after me when I go home, just to make sure everything is OK. However before I might be allowed home I need to get rid of this tube in my mouth and either be feeding from Mummy or a bottle... Tricky that one I get very tired when sucking from a bottle, it is just not the same as Mummy. I also need to have 2 stable traces of my oxygen requirement at less than 400cc per minute. I shall have to concentrate harder as I now on 500cc per minute. Mummy was also told that she and Daddy would be trained on how to give me the drugs I have now as I will probably be using them at home as well, they will also have training in how to set up my oxygen tubes and what to do if things happen. If absolutely necessary they will also give me a headbox and humidifier to use at home. I cannot wait to see my room and be somewhere different.

Tonight I have to concentrate on my breathing and make sure that I do things properly as I am having a trace done to see exactly how much oxygen I need and I may get the oxygen turned down if I am OK.

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