Saturday, 13th October 2001 - Day 58

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Welcome back again, today has been quite eventful really. Daddy came to visit and he seems to be getting over his cold. I was only allowed a cuddle with Mummy today, so maybe tomorrow with Daddy. I had two lots of extra visitors today, the first pair were Teresa and Duncan, who brought me some very nice baby grows, pink and girly. Thank you ever so much, they will be great. They were a little big for now so I will not be able to show you them in action just yet, maybe soon though. Teresa told me she has a baby in her tummy, due 2 weeks before I should have been and it must be at least twice the size of me now if not more. I will be able to play with him/her when I am a bit bigger.

I had a lovely cuddle for about an hour with Mummy and I was wide awake throughout, see the last picture below. Daddy said my eyes were changing colour, and beginning to go a little brown round the outsides. I am not sure if I want brown eyes. Can I send them back and have nice pale blue ones instead, that would be much more lady like ? At the end of the cuddle I got a bit fed up and told everybody so, all because I had managed to make a mess in my nappy. Daddy offered to clean it up for the nurse, what a silly billy he was as it was the fullest nappy you could have ever wished for, up my tummy, down my legs, up my back. It was so bad he used gloves and about two dozen cotton wool balls.

Then I got another visitor later on from a tall man called Chris, who told me he had a little boy whom I could play with when I get out of hospital. Gerard, the boy, seems a little big at over 17lbs at 3 months to me. I am nearly 2 months and only weigh just over 2lbs. Hummmm..., I think I might need to grow a bit more..... He also brought me a present, a very nice tune playing rattle which was nice and big and colourful. Thank you for the present, I will play with it as soon as I can. Suzanne, the nurse who looked after me this afternoon, found a sore under my arm where my temperature probe has rubbed away my skin. It was very sore and hurt lots when she took off the tape. So much so that I now have to go back on more antibiotics to make sure that I do not catch anything. This means that the canu.. thingy they took out of my arm this afternoon is coming back again to give me the antibiotics. More needles, what do they think I am a pin cushion? Can't anybody come up with a better way to deliver these drugs, as I am beginning to get fed up with all the times they have to put new needles in me.....Pleaseeeeeee...

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