Tuesday, 13th November 2001 - Day 89

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Hello again, I am afraid that today has been much the same again , except that I was weighed again this morning. It is a whole 5 days since I was last weighed. Low and behold I have grown some more and proved that I am getting fatter. I am now a whole

2200 gms or 4lbs 14oz

This is really good news and is just what I have been trying to do, I need to get a little longer now as well, at least that will spread all the fat out a bit, but everybody is really pleased with my progress and I will soon have broken that 5lb barrier, and then it is on to 2.5kg. There seems to be no stopping me at the moment.... lets hope it continues. Mummy found out that I am scheduled to have something called an MRI scan on Thursday (15th) just as I reach 39 weeks. I do not know if it will happen or not but I will keep you all in touch as I find out the results. Mummy told me it does close up pictures of my tiny little brain and will give everybody a better idea of how I am progressing on that front, but if I am too dependent upon CPAP then they may postpone it. I hope that somebody I know and like comes with me as it will be a momentous day for me as I leave the Intensive care unit for the first time since I was born 3 months ago.

I had a lovely cuddle with Mummy this afternoon and we chatted about girly stuff that I am not supposed to tell anyone, you never know I may tell you later when Mummy is not about to tell me off. I will leave you with my pictures for today and hope you can all make it back tomorrow for another instalment.

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