Friday, 12th October 2001 - Day 57

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Hello again, as you can see by today's pictures I am not always so "angelic" and well behaved as you may have believed. Mummy took these pictures specially so that everybody can see that sometimes I can be a bit grumpy and grizzly. I thought it was very unfair and will give me a bad name out there with all my fans. Honestly I only do this sometimes and most of the rest of the time I am just "sweetness and light" itself. Mummy's note : Do not believe all of the written words you read. You may also notice that I am a little paler than normal. I seem to blend in well with my pink dress though don't you think ? Because of this I am going to have another blood transfusion to top up my little body with more of the nice dark red stuff which make me look much healthier.

After yesterdays fun with Mummy trying to feed me directly she has given up for today as she cannot seem to time the visits right for feeding times. How hard can it be? I get fed every 2 hours..... Anyway, I am sure we will do it again soon and I will remember to try sucking like on my dummy this time. My feeds are now up to 19ml every 2 hours and this makes me really full and sleepy for the rest of the time, unless I have a dirty nappy!

Daddy only came for a very short visit today as he is still not very well and definitely does not want to give it to me. So I hope he gets better again soon and we can then have another cuddle, and I can show how much I like being in his big arms. Maybe I can poo on him again he seemed to like that last time !!!!!!

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