Monday, 12th November 2001 - Day 88

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Welcome back again, today has been another round of sleeping, eating and talking to Mummy. This is getting quite monotonous now as every day seems to be the same as the last except that I have grown some more. I will just give you the details today and hope you do not get too bored.

Daddy came to see me when I was fast asleep again this morning, he said he had to go away again, but he would be back tomorrow. I hope he is alright travelling in his car so early in the morning, I would not want anything to happen to him, as who would take care of me when Mummy was not well. Anyway he will be back tomorrow so that is OK as I do not have to go without seeing him at all.

When Mummy came in this afternoon it was just after I had gone back on to CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, for all those people who had forgotten and if it is wrong then please tell me as I keep telling all the other babies the same thing). This upset her quite a bit as she thought it had been agreed to bring me off in the afternoon so she can be with me. Mummy has now organised with the consultant that it is better to cycle 6hours on and 6 hours off so that I am on and off at a constant time each day and can be off in the afternoon, what will Daddy do, he mainly comes in the evening when I will be on CPAP. No more cuddles with Daddy..... we will have to do something about that.

As you can see by my pictures I was naked, except for my nappy, for at least some of the day. The nurses had the humidity on minimum but I was still all hot and sweaty, or that is what Mummy called it. I thought it was normal and everybody felt uncomfortable all the time....... Mummy exclaimed how big I now was especially in the arms and legs and she even took pictures of the fatty bits to prove it (More pictures I did not want anybody to see....). I thought what is she talking about I better not be fat. If I am I better try and do some exercise to get rid of it, however Mummy seemed very pleased. How will I be able to get in my dress if I am all fat ?

Mummy tried to suffocate me again, but this time I was able to have a little suck and get some fresh milk out, not a lot but anything is progress. I will leave you with my pictures, please do not look at the ones of my fat....

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