Sunday, 11th November 2001 - Day 87

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Well what a day I have had today. Daddy bought me a present of a giant spider which makes noises, it was supposed to go in my incubator with me and I could look up at it and the mirror on the bottom. I needed something to check out what I look like, as all I get is what people tell me I am like. It looks great, unfortunately it is so big that I would be squashed under it if you attached it to the inside of my room. I will have to wait until I get into a cot instead of my room. My present was for my getting over the 2kg weight, and should be fun to play with when I am bigger.

Later on in the day my friend Aidan's, parents, bought me a large fluffy dog. It was at least twice the size of me and would not fit in the incubator. Thank you very much for the lovely doggy, I will treasure him later on when I am able to come out of here. I was so grateful to Aidan as he helped and encouraged me so much when I was tiny and taught me a lot of what I now know. I hope he is happy and content, wherever he may be....., I have missed him a lot.

I am sorry for the short note today but I will leave you with my pictures as really nothing else has happened of any consequence and I need to go to sleep now to try and grow bigger for Mummy and Daddy and think of my friends.

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