Tuesday, 11th December 2001 - Day 117

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Hello again everybody, welcome back to my hard life. As you can see by the pictures below, not only Grandma and Grandpa visit me today and I got to cuddle them. I was allowed out of my room. Today my new care plan has had a few alterations and I am no longer in my little room for the humidity in the air. They have now decided that the headbox thing that was being used at the weekend was OK, but that it should be humidified inside for at least 12 hours a day until further notice. This is similar in result to my room, but I am in my cot and can be looked after easily by Mummy and Daddy when they are in. What a wonderful idea, my crying all yesterday afternoon obviously had some effect. I must remember this again as maybe it will work with Mummy and Daddy just as well.... I got one of the younger nurses to create me a poster with my care plan in very large letters on it so that everybody can see what I need, hopefully this will avoid any future issues. She produced this lovely poster which I will get Daddy to show you all tomorrow, it is great.

As you can see from the pictures below it is a hard life being a baby, I slept most of the afternoon and only fed a little from Mummy. Grandma cuddles me and I did not wake up at all. Mummy is much happier today now she has learnt of my return to the cot and she tells me Daddy is coming home early because of my little problem to check up on me. When he arrived later he called me "Little Trouble", maybe that is going to be my nickname as I seem to be very good at causing worry for both him and Mummy. However he also told me he loved me lots so that must be OK.

During the afternoon I "discovered" myself. The toy Daddy bought me a while ago has a shiny bit on the bottom, he tells me it is a mirror. I looked at it this afternoon and was fascinated by this person looking back at me and copying my movements, very confusing until Mummy told me that it was me in the mirror. I will use this again, mainly to check my face is nice and clean but I am sure it could be used for other things, like flashing escape messages or maybe other more girly things which Mummy has yet to tell me about....

Later in the evening when Daddy arrived I was starving hungry, I did not get enough from Mummy earlier in the afternoon and was only fed a full meal at 7:30 pm. The nurse suggested that I feed from Mummy thinking that I would only take a little. However I am not one to turn down a free meal so I tucked in to 3 whole courses and then had so much wind that it took at least 45 minutes to wind me properly after I had eaten. This caused great panic as now all my other feeds need to be moved and then it clashes with the nurses changing from 1 shift to another. I seem to be living up to Daddy's nickname......

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