Monday, 10th September 2001 - Day 25

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A quarter of a century today, days not years silly, another small milestone for me. I will soon be a whole month old. Today has been very similar to yesterday with my oxygen requirements staying much the same as yesterday.

Mummy came to visit me with Grandma and Grandpa again, they are so nice to bring her to see me when Daddy has to go to work. And they also get the pleasure of seeing me to, so it must be worthwhile really. My eyes are getting more open today as you may be able to see in the pictures, all the better to see what is going on around me and check out the nice doctors.

You can also see if these pictures a good view of my chest, as you can see I do not have any nipples yet, they develop later. Mummy thought this was most odd when she noticed. I have been on the weeing juice all day but it does not seem to be having the desired effect at the momemt to me as my tummy keeps getting bigger. The nurses say this is due to all the milk I am drinking and that they may have to slow up a bit on the increases, what do you expect I am have meals 3 times the size as I was 4 days ago, my little tummy can only digest so much milk at a time. But I promise I will try and keep it all in the right place and not waste any of Mummy's hard work. The doctors have said I am making a little headway as I am not desaturating as much as yesterday and I think I seem to be breating better.

Today has been full of surprises for me, one of the nice nurses brought me in a present today, a pretty pink dress that will fit and is easy to wear. So hopefully you can all get to see my new frock tomorrow in the pictures. And I have a new toy, a pink bear (see picture below) given to me by a friend of Daddy's, very nice and cuddly for when I get these arms free. I also got an outfit with the bear, a little big at the moment but I am sure I will fit in it soon. It is almost like Christmas...

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