Thursday, 10th January 2002 - Day 147

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Welcome back everybody, today has been fairly uneventful. I got a visit from Mummy around lunch time when she found me lying in my room all sweaty as my nurse Betty, or Betty Boo as I call her, forgot to switch off the humidity in my room this morning and I was left in my little sauna for the whole morning, luckily for me Mummy managed to get it sorted out and I dried out a little when I was allowed out for a cuddle. I have spent some of the time this morning playing with a music box that was put in the bottom of incubator. It makes sounds and flashes lights and stuff, when it stops I kick it with my little foot and it starts again. You have to kick it in the right place though... this took me a bit of trial and error to work out but I got there in the end. Unfortunately the batteries are running out and it is getting quieter and quieter..

In the afternoon Teresa, a fried of Mummy's came to visit me. I thought that I would dress up for her in one of the babygrows she got for me. Very comfortable it is too, but not when damp !!!!! Teresa has just had a baby boy, Daniel, who cannot wait to play with me when I can get out of here.

Daddy came to visit me this evening when he came back from work, I must say he looked almost as tired as me when I fell asleep in his arms, poor Daddy..

I have had 2 feeds from Mummy today, the second of which was great as I managed to get so much that I fell asleep whilst being winded by Daddy and did not wake up again before they left. Mummy has asked the doctors to consider going back on 4 hourly feeds, I am still on 3 hourly ones at the moment. This makes it easier for her to feed me directly she says, I think it is a ploy to get me thinner by restricting my food... Anyway they will think about it and get back to us.

I am still on 500cc per minute at the moment but the doctors are saying that they may reduce that even further as my oxygen saturations still seem to be so good. I know those xeroids (steroids) were good when I had them.... I wonder where I could get some more as they seem to make breathing a lot easier. Anyway that is all for today see you soon....

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