Monday, 10th December 2001 - Day 116

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POOR ME.....

The doctors have had a look at the trace they did last night and it does not make very good reading I am afraid...... I did not get settled all night and no matter what the nurse did I just could not get comfortable. I think it must have been something to do with my inoculations as it was the worst I have been for weeks. Due to the poor reading the doctors decided that I should go back into my horrible little room again. I was so getting used to the attentions of Mummy and Daddy around me and the much quieter surroundings it is horrible back in my room. There then seems to be great discussions around my care for a while and some people seem fairly vocal on the subject that I was supposed to be sleeping in a humid atmosphere, and that for some reason I was not. Anyway I now have a new care plan which is very specific and following my recovery from this minor inconvenience I should be cared for in a particular manner and not changed without express permission of the consultant. The only other thing that was changed was that my weeing juice (diuretics) were increased again to ensure that I was not retaining too much water and that this was not effecting my breathing.

Needless to say I do tell everybody that I hate it and cry all afternoon, on and off. This has upset Mummy and Daddy a great deal, I can tell Mummy is very upset and she tells me Daddy is as well. They were so pleased with my progress in my cot that they have forgotten that I could still take backward steps. Hopefully this is only temporary and that I can come back out again soon, as I really HATE it in here now.

Unfortunately Mummy did not feel like taking any pictures today so you will have to make do with a small image of where I intend to get to very soon. In Mummy's arms, being loved and with no support. Lets see how quickly we can get there as I do not think I can cope with very much more time in the unit and only want to go home with Mummy and Daddy.

Please come back to morrow and hopefully we will have better news.....

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