Sunday, 9th September 2001 - Day 24

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Welcome back again, today has been very uneventful really with a very similar sort of progress to yesterday. I am still desaturating and the doctors have decided to give me some new drugs this afternoon to try and combat this a bit without using stronger stuff, such as xeroids or is it steroids. You get some very funny echoes and distortion through my little rooms walls. I am going to get some diuretics today, supposedly they will make me wee even more than I do already, and this will help my oxygen transfer in the lungs. Not sure why but I suppose they know what they are doing. I am still keeping the nurses on their toes, but they all love me really as I am normally as good as gold. Compared to some of the other babies I don't give them any problems, I am easy to take blood from, very relaxed about having needles stuck in me. You have to be in my position, as I can't fight back, it takes a lot of energy out of me getting upset about it and they are always doing one test or another. I must have had all my original blood replaced twice over by now.

I have increased my feeds again, 5ml per feed now. I drink it as fast as Mummy can produce it. My oxygen levels on the ventilator are similar to yesterday, but the progress I have made is the number of beats the machine does as a minimum is now only 40, which the doctor says is still progress. He also gave Mummy and Daddy an idea of what I need to get to come off the current ventilator and onto the next stage. Oxygen levels of around 30% and a pressure of 16/4 instead of the current 20/5. So I now have something to aim for and hope that I can get there soon as these Xeroids do not sound very nice.

I hope these updates are helpful to you all and that you can carry on praying for me to get better, as I think I still need all the positive energy I can get to overcome this barrier on the ventilator. Thank you for your efforts to date as it has really helped me to know that I have such support out there. I have had e-mails from all sorts of people from around the world and even from a baby in her Mummy's tummy, it is so nice to get them.

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