Wednesday, 9th January 2002 - Day 146

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Hello again it is naughty little me again. I hope you like my cheeky pictures below as Mummy and Daddy think they are great, especially the first one with me smiling. Daddy came back today to see me this evening and give me a cuddle, just in case I had been having withdrawl symptoms. It has been quite a good day really as my oxygen was turned down to 500cc per minute which is good as the gale gets less the lower it is and the less dried out I get in my nose and tubes down to my lungs.

Mummy is obviously feeling a bit better now as I got some more cuddles from her and all of the nurses who cannot wait to hold me at the moment. This is good as I seem to be the centre of attention for everybody and there is only me in my room so they do not get too distracted by other babies......

Everybody seems happy about my oxygen going down, even the doctors who have only recommended that my humidity is raised at night to make sure that I get as much help as possible. No sign of being able to get out of my room yet and back into a cot. But it is not so bad now that I am back on low flow as I can whizz round inside it to my hearts content and I get more space at night when I need humidity. I think I prefer it to my headbox. Hopefully Mummy and Daddy will tell the doctors this and I can stay in it for a while longer yet at least.

All the nurses cannot believe that I am the same baby that was in the room compared to last week and I will have to give out tickets for cuddles soon the queues are beginning to form. Hopefully I will update you all tomorrow with more in my incredible story....

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