Sunday, 9th December 2001 - Day 115

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Welcome back to another day in the "Life of Little Abigail", a story in even more parts than a Legoland model. Today started off very similar to the last few days. Mummy and Daddy came in around lunch time and I fed from Mummy, very slowly but managed to feed properly. Then Daddy picked me up and gave me a little winding and finally passed me to someone new to cuddle. My Nanny, see the pictures below of the proud grandparent cuddling me for the first time since I was born. I think she's done this before you know. She said I am now about the same size as Daddy was when he was born. The nurse then told Mummy and Daddy that I had been weighed again and now am 3295 gms or 7lbs 4oz, see my graph for details. Aren't I a clever little thing, I cannot believe that I could be bigger than my Daddy was when he was born, he is so bigggggg now.

Nan cuddled me for quite a nice long time and then gave Daddy a go as well, so I got lots of attention all afternoon. In the evening the doctors decided to trace how much oxygen I was needing from the Low Flow pipes to check on my progress. As soon as Mummy fed me I was all crotchety and would not settle in my lovely cot. The more the alarms went off the more I moved around, causing them to go off even more. I wonder what the doctors will think. Mummy and Daddy tried everything they could to make me happy but to no avail I am afraid, eventually I fell into a light sleep and was left to be looked after by the nurses.

The nurses also decided that I was drinking so much in my feeds that I should go onto a combination of 4 hours (night) and 3 hour feeds (day), what do they think I am. I will get starving not being fed for that long, it is not long ago that I was on 2 hour feeds. We shall see if I like this, but I will make my feels known as loudly as possible, now that I can cry easily.

I hope Nanny comes back soon to see me again, and brings Grandad as I have not had a cuddle from him yet or Great Grandma and that would complete my whole set, I wonder if I get a prize for a full house...!!! Come back tomorrow to find out the results of my trace and see if I ever managed to get to sleep.

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