Saturday, 8th December 2001 - Day 114

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Hello again everyone, well I must say that today has been fairly uneventful really, all that happened is that some inexperienced person (Daddy) changed me this morning from the clothes you see below in the first picture to some equally nice clothes in the later pictures. I got my first pair of trousers and a nice vest thing to wear with matching flowers to my dungarees from yesterday. However Daddy took so long changing me that by the time he came to put on my trousers I was all fed up and crotchety. I think I will need to train him a bit more so I suppose I will have to put up with a few more very long changes until he comes up to speed. Daddy do you not realise that I get cold when I have nothing on..... In the end Mummy had to help out and things progressed a little better.

I do have something from last night after Mummy and Daddy left to tell you all about. I was not put back in my room last night but stayed out in the cot, they took my tubes off while I was fast asleep and put what can only be described as a large goldfish bowl over my head and put oxygen in that. I woke up this morning and thought I was at first back in my incubator, but no it is even smaller and my whole body was outside it really with only my head inside. Very claustrophobic, even worse than my little room. I did not like this very much and complained so much that by 6am this morning I was back on Low Flow Oxygen and waiting for Mummy and Daddy to arrive for lunch. That was a very long wait.

I did not feed very well at lunch time from Mummy, mainly because I was still asleep (still not learned her lesson...), and had to be fed down my horrible green tube. I must remember to pull it out again later as I have had it in ALL day and that is far too long for my liking. When Mummy and Daddy came back later I fed much better and managed a whole feed straight from Mummy, and only one choking fit as more came out than I was expecting. I had lots of cuddles with Daddy today as it is the weekend and he does not have to go to work at all and he told me that I would get a visitor tomorrow, I wonder who it could be and if they want a cuddle ????? Daddy says he is considering those windmills for the back garden again as today I have had lots of Windy Miller events, from both ends, he says we can make a fortune from powering the whole house from the wind I generate..... How cruel can you get, it is not my fault I don't react well to what Mummy eats....

No sign of any side effects from my inoculations yet so fingers crossed I will carry on being OK.

See you tomorrow....

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