Wednesday, 7th November 2001 - Day 83

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Hello again, as you can see today I am sporting a very fetching line in coloured babygrows, especially found for me in the hospital wardrobe. It shows off my nice dark hair and complements my complexion so nicely that I have asked Mummy to look out for other colourful ones that might suit me. Unfortunately I think whoever picked it out does not know exactly how big I am as my feet hardly get to leg holes let alone the ends of the legs themselves, but it is nice and comfortable despite that with lots of wriggling room. My breathing has improved so much or my tantrums use up so much energy that the doctors have now said that I can tell the nurses when I do not want my CPAP or want it back again. I must practice wriggling lots to get it off and then beating my heart lots when I want it back, if I get it right then the nurses will give me lots of attention when I want it, just what a little girl needs !!!!!

I am 38 weeks gestation today, so only 2 weeks to go and I should have been born, coming out a nice bouncing baby from Mummy's tummy. However I decided not stay with Mummy and to come out and write a website about life in the outside world. All I can say now is that it probably would have been easier and less stressful to stay put and grow that way, but anyway here I am.

Mummy tried to suffocate me again today, but despite her best efforts to tickle me awake I refused and stayed asleep. I am getting very good at this playing dead lark as I have discovered that if you do it long enough then they eventually stop pestering you and leave you alone... should be useful later on in life I think. Now my secretary is back then hopefully normal service on my site will resume for at least the next few days as Daddy told me he may have to go away again next week.

Thank you visiting as it does make it worth while doing the site knowing that people will come on and find out what is happening to me. I will leave you all for now and come back tomorrow with more details in the "Trials and Tribulations of Little Miss Tiny"

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