Friday, 7th December 2001 - Day 113

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Hello everyone it is me again, "The Incredible Growing Abigail". Today has been very similar to yesterday with the exception that Daddy has visited twice and we got to have our first cuddle for a while. Very nice, I had forgotten how warm he is. Mummy came in early to feed me my lunch and we had a long cuddle. I did not want her to go at all as one of the doctors came round and asked her something which she did not tell me. Maybe they have caught up with me finally and have remembered my jabs... I tried to snuggle further into Mummy so that she would not put me back in my cot. However it was so nice I fell asleep and eventually the next thing I knew I was back in my cot with no Mummy to be seen.

The doctor came round and caught me by surprise so much that by the time I realised what they were doing it was all over, it is not so bad as I was expecting and I hardly dried at all. It must be that I am now so big that it hurts so much less than when they used to do all those blood tests on me that it pales into insignificance. The nurse praised me and told Mummy and Daddy I was such a brave little thing that they both felt very proud of me.

I fed well at lunch time and had a snack at tea time from Mummy today, not really enough to fill me up but I was drinking my tea so fast that I got wind and just could not get rid of it. Poor me I then had to wait until late night to have some more food.

I am wearing some clothes that were sent to Mummy by Grandma's friend Julie, who has known Mummy for nearly her whole life. I think it is lovely, little pink flowers on a pair of dungarees and suits me very nicely. Thank you very much, I never thought I would grow into them in such a short time.

Following my appeal for thoughts I have decided to bow to overwhelming pressure and public opinion and keep daily updates going until I am at least out of hospital and then see what happens so hopefully everybody will be glad to hear that these will continue for the foreseeable future. Thank you all for the thoughts. Bye for now...

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