Thursday, 6th September 2001 - Day 21

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3 weeks today, 3 weeks old today......Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me....Happy birthday dear Abigail, happy birthday to me.

What a big girl I am now, nappies that do up (they would still fall off if I was able to stand but progress I suppose), loads of milk (increased to 2ml every 2 hours and by another 1ml every 24 hours), fully functioning bowls (you should see some of the nappies, luckily Mummy has managed to get away without changing one yet, you wait I will get her to do one soon), some breathing on my own, and yummy Chocolate and Orange flavour medicine stuff. How much more can a little girl do ?

My ventilator pressure is still the same at around 10 kPa but I am sure that I am doing a few more breathes on my own, if not it seems like a lot of effort for no gain at all.

At lunch time Mummy came into the hospital and gave me my milk and then went off for a check up scan, she says everything seems OK, so that is good. We only want one ill person in the family for now.

Sorry about some of the pictures, Daddy had an off day with the camera, I ask you how could he have not focused on my massive foot !!!!

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