Saturday, 6th October 2001 - Day 51

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I did not get any cards yesterday, even from Mummy and Daddy. I was so disappointed, but Mummy said that we would celebrate my getting to 1kg and then to 2 whole months instead, which I suppose is not too far off and I could wait. So I will now try and grow as quickly as possible to achieve that 1kg mark to make sure it does not coincide with my 2 month anniversary.

I am now wearing Nanny's nice flowery dress, it makes me look really cute and is nice and comfortable. I really like the lacy bits, I thought they might tickle at first but they are fine. I am wearing it the wrong way round, the button should really be on the front. I tried to tell the nurse this but she does not understand my little squeaks yet. They keep changing the nurses looking after me, so I suppose it is hardly surprising that they do not get used to me.

I spent all of the day sleeping, so very little has happened to report. Mummy and Daddy forgot to bring some more milk in for me as I am now drinking 16ml every 2 hours and catching up with the amount Mummy has got frozen. Daddy had to cut short one of his visits to go home and bring me more in, as it is important that I keep on Mummy's milk for as long as possible as it is much nicer and better for me, or so the Doctors tell me. I was down to my last 20ml of milk in the hospital so it is lucky that Mummy and Daddy do not live very far away from the hospital.

I will leave with my pictures for today as not a lot else has happened.

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