Tuesday, 6th November 2001 - Day 82

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Well all I can say about today is the only thing of note that has happened is that I was weighed again and I am now 1935 gms or 4lbs 4oz. I deserve to be in big girls nappies as I have increased in weight since birth by over 3lbs now and am very close to that magical 2kg figure. I wonder if Mummy and Daddy will get me anything to celebrate my weight milestone of 2kg, or 2 bags of sugar from only half a bag.

I was allowed out for a nice cuddle with Mummy, whilst Grandma and Grandpa were visiting, so that is the first time they have seen me without my mask. They thought I looked lovely and would be very pretty. What do they expect an ugly duckling..... I am now on a revised milk quota of 32mls every 2 hours, it might not sound like much but I can tell you it fills my tummy up so much that my belly button appears to stick outwards ? I am now on a breathing cycle of 6hrs on CPAP and 4hrs off, up from 2hrs off. On my 4 hours off I breath oxygen from inside my room, it is pumped in to the room and kept at a relatively high level compared to normal air. (Around 35-40% compared to 21% for all you normal people with big lungs)

I am really looking forward to seeing Daddy again tomorrow as it is just not the same with Mummy on her own, there is no one to tickle my toes and play with my nose or generally to annoy me and wake me up when I am asleep.

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