Thursday, 6th December 2001 - Day 112

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Welcome back again everyone, well something to tell you all again at last. I have been allowed out of my room and now sleep in a cot. I am so big now that I seem to have by-passed the normal cots and progressed to something resembling a small prison, hopefully you can see it in the pictures below. Unfortunately they have not found the humidifier so I have to go back into my room at night and breath in the humid atmosphere to help my lungs a bit.

It is great in here, loads of room to spread out, I can see an hear easily what is going on around me and Mummy (or Daddy when he comes in again) can pick me up really easily without the nurses help. This seems to please her a lot so that is good, it also shows that I am not abnormal and am getting more and more like a normal baby.

My oxygen requirement has dropped a little and is now down at 500 ml / min from 750 ml / min and so that is also progressing and I am happy as it does not dry my nose out quite so much and I can breath on it for longer with no problems. At last I have managed to have a play with the toy Daddy bought but was too big for my little room, as you can see it is still nearly as big as me. I do not know what he was thinking about when he bought it, but his ability to size things must have been somewhere else at the time. It is great, it makes noises, shines and has a nice mirror so that I can make sure I am looking my best at all times.

I hope you like my little pink cardigan, I think it is lovely and keeps me nice and warm when I am out of my room in the cot. I do not think I want to go back in my room as it is so small that if I am sat up right then I nearly bash my little head on the ceiling. I now know what those little hotel rooms in Japan must be like !!!!!!

Still no sign of the jabs, they must have forgotten me by now. Phewwww, I was dreading them. Daddy finally came in again today, lucky for him, one more day and I would not have spoken to him again for a week. Unfortunately he did not get to see me in my cot so he will have to wait until tomorrow now. See you all then I hope.

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