Friday, 5th October 2001 - Day 50

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Today is my 50th day of life, 7 whole weeks and 1 day. My counting must be improving.... Like a lot of the others I spent most of the day asleep and trying to grow more. However when evening came I woke up a bit and was allowed out for a cuddle with Daddy. He is always so warm especially when we do kangaroo cuddling (skin to skin, just in case I have not told you before). Poor Daddy he was quite worried, when he was cuddling me as I kept desaturating (desats for short) and then coming back up. However I managed to stay out for a whole hour in his arms without too much trouble, which was lovely. I kept desaturating as I heard them say that Mummy could change my nappy again and I thought that I would try and give her something to do. This meant that I had to keep pushing and along with the fact that I could not get comfortable in my dirty nappy, was causing the desats. This does not matter so much when you are lying down, but when cuddling kangaroo style I am vertical and Daddy supports me under my bottom. However this has the downside that I have to sit in it. Not very nice especially when recovering from some nappy rash, I can tell you....

However, all my efforts were in vain as Mummy chickened out of doing my nappy, and got the nurse to do it. You wait, I will get her again soon. But I did manage to get Daddy though, all I am going to say is that these small nappies do not hold much and you can think what happened for yourselves, not nice !!!!!!

Still no sign of my lost babygrow and none of the other babies seem to have it, Mummy says it may be like socks and never be seen again. There are currently 5 babies within my area, and I have the least amount of monitors compared to all the others, including the bigger ones. I am very happy about this as I know what it is like and do not want to go back to the needles and multiple drips.

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