Monday, 5th November 2001 - Day 81

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Hello again. Today, like many others has been fairly quiet for me.This morning Daddy came in to see me really early, when I was fast asleep. He told me he was going away for a couple of days but would think about me all the time and would be back soon. Poor Daddy, going away to work and not seeing little me. Mummy came in later on and we tried to have a cuddle, but I was really fed up as no one had noticed that my nappy needed changing despite my best attempts at communication... However she eventually got there after eliminating all other possible causes first, I also wish she would not eat spicy food as it makes me go so much more than usual. I am now so big that I wear new born pampers nappies, they do not quite fit yet  but all the nurses were fed up with leaks from the nice snug medium size nappies that they have changed me to the proper big girls nappies.

Later on when Mummy came back again I was allowed out for a "Kangaroo" cuddle with here without my CPAP unit. (This is when I take all my clothes off and get to fit on Mummy's chest, very comfortable I must say) I got to taste Mummy's skin as with my head so close I had a little lick. It is an interesting flavour, not like Daddy's finger or mine but quite nice though. During my cuddle, due to all the moving around, I got a little wind which I was unable to get rid of until Mummy removed her hand from my bottom. All the nurses turned round and were shocked that I was able to produce such a loud noise. Between you and me I think it was Mummy and she just told them it was me, nice little girls do not get wind.

One of the nurses upset Mummy as she said that I would not be ready to come home for Christmas, and she and Daddy were all counting on me coming home for Christmas and being a lovely big present for them. In excitement not size unfortunately !! We shall see, I am going to try and prove the nurse wrong, if I can, by growing more and breathing better to show that I am a clever girl. I am sure if I try hard it may be possible and even if not the effort will be worth it for the future. Don't worry Mummy I will be ready as soon as I can be...... So watch this space for progress.....

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