Tuesday, 5th February 2002 - Day 173

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Welcome back again everybody to my website. As you can probably tell from the big banner below I am now at home, having spent my first night in my own cot next to Mummy and Daddy in their bedroom. Everything seemed to go OK last night and I slept really well in the dark and woke up for a feed at around 5am. There is so little noise here that I am not completely used to it yet, no nurses to wake me up and give me drugs or weigh me. Just Mummy, Daddy and me.

!!!! ..... Still At Home, Home Day +1, What Fun... !!!!

We got up at around 10am, just in time for the community nurses to come and visit from the hospital and talk about me to Mummy and Daddy, whilst I slept through it all. My oxygen saturations were tested and they are still very good at around 99 to 100% all the time, hopefully I will soon be turned down a bit more and will make the oxygen cylinders last a bit longer. Mummy and Daddy have 2 large cylinders, one downstairs for daytime and the other upstairs for night time. These last about 3 days continuous use, so about 6 days for both to get used up. There are tubes everywhere and I am not allowed in the kitchen when cooking is going on as it may cause a fire. Mummy is getting used to handling the oxygen cylinders, opening and closing them and making sure I am attached quickly and efficiently. They are also getting used to giving me my drugs which I am still on, weeing juice, once a day, (diuretics, 2 different types), Salt (NaCl), three times a day, because I am on the diuretics and something called Sytron which I know nothing about also once a day. I was also on Folic acid but this was stopped today. I am still having my grow more powder in my milk, 3 times a day. Daddy has produced a little chart for Mummy to tick off every time I am given something so we do not forget one.

The day was fairly busy really and Grandma and Grandpa came to visit, seeing me properly awake for what seems like the first time ever. Needless to say all the pictures show me asleep.... In addition to my milk from Mummy, drugs and grow more powder I am now also being "Weaned" sounds horrible but can be quite nice. The pictures at the bottom show Daddy feeding me my first ever vegetables, it has been baby rice only up till now, mashed carrot and broccoli, yummy, it is a lot better than baby rice I can tell you. I ate it all up, and much to Mummy's surprise, Daddy did not get it everywhere just on me and my bib.

I am planning to change the web site slightly now I am home so be prepared for some new methods of working and maybe a slightly less frequent updates from now on as this is the last day of week 50 since I was conceived. Guess what day Mummy has as her start date...???

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